About Webstatic Enterprises, Inc.

Webstatic Enterprises, Inc.Webstatic Enterprises Inc. began as a private business in 1998. The original company goal was to provide Internet media consulting to individuals and small businesses. This focus drew Webstatic into active involvement in website design. As the business expanded, domain name acquisition and sales were added to the core services.

In January 2001, Webstatic entered into an agreement with Iriswhite Publishing to manage the printing and sales of poetry books. In January 2005, Iriswhite Publishing merged into Webstatic Enterprises as a subdivision.

Webstatic incorporated in the state of North Carolina on September 23, 2004. The incorporation was accompanied by a shift in the organization's business focus. Management believed the decline in popularity of poetry in the United States necessitated a new direction for Iriswhite Publishing.

Webstatic retained its domain name services but ceased most of its book publishing and consulting operations. Corporate management decided Webstatic should seek opportunities for future growth by developing services to benefit non-profit organizations.

In 2010, Webstatic teamed up with Heartegrity, a start-up, non-profit organization to plan, build and manage a Ty plush collectibles museum. Management believed successful completion of this project (with construction projected to begin in 2016/2017) would showcase the services Webstatic is able to provide for other non-profit organizations.

Heartegrity was incorporated in the state of North Carolina on March 3, 2011. Its first order of business was to implement a formal agreement with Webstatic, granting Webstatic exclusive rights to operate the Ty Museum gift shops in the museum and online. Webstatic was also contracted to develop the museum's Internet presence and manage the museum's publicity campaigns.

Webstatic Enterprises Inc., is currently engaged in designing, managing and running information and sales sites for Heartegrity. Webstatic is also developing a series of retail sales sites for gift items.